Xiaomi MI Drone

Xiaomi MI Drone

Xiaomi MI Drone Game Changer

Look out DJI Phantom 3 and Phantom 4 here comes the Xiaomi MI a sub $500 drone

Xiaomi is introducing the MI drone or Mi, pronounced “me” drone.
This could be a real low cost competitor to the very successful DJI Phantom drone line.
Some of the features of the Xiaomi MI drone include.
3 axis stabilization gimbal.
Imported carbon fiber material /PC, only weighs 140g through 55 procedures.
4K HD wide angle low distortion, Sony 12M CMOS sensor, 2KM FPV and low latency.
3-axis stabilization gimbal. 2000 per second speed fixing function, sight error within┬▒0.02┬░.
Flight time of 27 minutes.
GPS and GLONASS positioning.
Holding hover at low altitudes.
Live streaming video to a smartphone connected to the controller.
360 degree gimbal.
Announced pricing $380.00 for the 1080P version and $457.00 for the 4K version.

Xiaomi MI Drone Official Video

This sub $500 price point for a drone of this caliber could be a real game changer in the drone world.
The MI has many similar features to the very successful DJI Phantom 3 and the newer Phantom 4 semi prosumer drone series.
Those DJI drones are at price point closer to somewhere around $1200.
In case you didn’t know who or what Xiaomi is they are a Chinese electronics manufacturer best known for cheap and cheerful Android smartphones. These smartphones offer many top end features for about half the price. It seems Xiaomi is applying this same business model to the drone segment of the market place.
It should be very interesting to see what impact this has on the drone market growth rates.
It is always good to see price points for equipment coming down to spur adoption and growth in a new market segment.
Hopefully this is just the beginning of these competitive market forces influencing the drone market place and pricing.

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