FAA Drone sUAS Registration

FAA Drone sUAS Registration is Back

FAA Drone sUAS Registration is Back

If you haven’t heard by now if you own a drone you must register your drone with the (FAA) Federal Aviation Administration. It seems that on December 12, 2017 with the administration signing into law the National Defense Authorization Act a new regulation requires that drone owners register their drones or unmanned aerial vehicles.
This registration is to be done prior to flight.
A little backgrond on this drone registration issue.
In December 2015 regulators started to require drone pilots to register their drones or UAV’s.
More than 3000,000 drone owners signed up within the first month of the new registation requirement.
In May of 2017 the model aircraft hobbyist began the fight the federally mandated regulation along with the $5.00 registration fee in the U.S. Court of Appeals.
As the preisdent of the Academy of Model Aeronautics Rich Hanson stated at the time.
For decades, AMA members have registered their aircraft with AMA and have followed our community-based safety programming,

It is our belief that a community-based program works better than a federally mandated program to manage the recreational community.

The FAA stated

The FAA put registration and operational regulations in place to ensure that drones are operated in a way that is safe and does not pose security and privacy threats,

And now after the new FAA drone UAV regulation has been reinstated the FAA statement follows

We welcome the reinstatement of registration rules for all small unmanned aircraft,” the FAA said in a statement to TechCrunch. “Ownership identification helps promote safe and responsible drone operation and is a key component to full integration.

FAA statement to TechCrunch.

The FAA registry requires all drones weighing between 0.55 and 55 pounds be entered in the database.
The complete set of FAA sUAS registration rules and requirments here.

So remember drone pilots must register your drone if it is required by the new FAA Drone sUAS Registration regulation.

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