Dronestagram drone photo sharing website

Dronestagram drone photo sharing website

Dronestagram drone photo sharing website

Dronestagram what is it? You like to fly drones and you also take pictures or videos with your drone.
Is there somewhere, a website perhaps to share my images and videos with other like minded people?
Dronestagram drone photo sharing website just might be the place for you.
Dronestragram is a photo sharing website community where the focus is the drone as a image taking platform.
Some call dronestragram the Instagram for drones. Launch in July fo 2013 by Eric Dupin and owned by his company Dronescape.

Drones offer an unique ability in aerial photography giving amature and professional photographers breathtaking perspectives that other platforms just can’t duplicate.
The art form of aerial photography dates back to 1858 and Gaspard-Felix Tournachon aka Felix Nadar photographs of Paris rooftops and boulevards taken from a hot air balloon 1,600 feet above.

Smithsonian Institution Portrait of Felix Nadar

Felix Nadar aerial view of paris 1867

Dronestagram also holds an annual International Drone photography Contest. The 2016 competion was co-sponsered by National Geographic and included 5900 submissions from 28 countries in three categories. The categories were Nature-Wildlife, Sports-Adventure, and Travel.

The site has over 30,000 users sharing images taken from drones.
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