Drone racing

Drone Racing what is it?

Drone Racing what is it?

Drone racing, racing for the digital age

Drone racing is a new racing form where drone racers pilot their racing drones
around, over, and through, a gated drone racing track.
Bloomberg Business posted a YouTube video story.

Going inside the World’s First $1 Million Drone Race

Final race of the 1 million dollar 2016 Dubai World Drone Prix

For the first time in the short history of the sport ESPN will live stream drone race

ESPN will cover live and internet stream a Drone race later this year.
By live streaming a drone race ESPN is hoping to attract and grow a younger audience demographic.
Maybe something like a digital X Games? It should be an interesting time for the young racing sport.

Drone racing what is it?

Drone racing what is it?

Drone racing also know as FPV drone racing ( FPV stands for First Person View ) is a new form of racing where the contestant racers know as pilots control their racing drones that are equipped with cameras that uses radio waves to streaming live video directly to the pilots wearing head mounted displays. This First Person View or FPV adds to the sense of flight and also gives the pilot the ability to fly out of line of sight.
As with any racing activity the point is to complete a set and gated race course in the shortest time.
Racer compete along side other racers simultaneously.

Drone racing’s origin, where it all began

The land down under Australia is credited with starting drone racing as a amateur sport in 2014.

Multiple governing bodies DRL IDRA MultiGP League

Multiple governing bodies via for control

At this time there are multiple organization vying to become the sole sanctioning body.
Some of these organization are the “IDRA” International Drone Racing Association the “DRL” Drone Racing League and others. The MultiGP league which is part of the Academy of Model Aeronautics with its existing RC plane leagues network is an organization that is worldwide and provides software, race event equipment such as racing gates, and other items to chapters worldwide for free.

DRL Drone Racing League

DRL gives their answer on what is Drone Racing?

2015 National Championship

2015 National Championship was a MultiGP League, Academy of Model Aeronautics sanctioned event

Dave over at GSTV posted a YouTube video covering the 2015 event.

2016 Championships

2016 MultiGP National Championship

In 2016 the MultiGP Championship will be held at the Academy of Model Aeronautics in Muncie Indiana.
Date to be determined.

2016 US National Drone Racing Championships a IDRA International Drone Racing Association sanctioned event

Will be held August 5-7, 2016 on Governors Island in New York City. This event for the first time in history will be streamed live over the internet by ESPN and later broadcasts on the cable network.

2016 DRL World Championship

Date and location to be determined.

There you have a lap around the track on what drone racing is and who are the some of the organizers behind the sport.
Drone racing’s future is filled with promise but as with any new venture starting out there will be obstacles on the road to success that will have to be maneuvered over, under, and through, with all the skill of a world class racing drone pilot.

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