Drone Racing Video Streaming Channel

Drone Racing Video Streaming Channel FOTV

Drone Racing Video Streaming Channel FOTV

FOTV or Filmon.com a TV, movie, and video streaming website is developing a 24/7 drone racing channel call Drone TV.
The channel will show drone races as well as other drone and drone racing content including archived highlights.
In addition to highlights, builder interviews, and other recorded drone racing content the channel will show coverage of top flight drone racing championships.

FOTV Media Networks CEO Alki David says “Drone Racing is changing the way we think about sports and virtual reality, and FOTV is proud to launch the very first channel devoted to it 24/7 on FilmOn.com.” Alki calls drone racing the next NASCAR.
Drone TV and InterDrone have joined as media streaming partners for the channel.
You can check out the Drone Racing Video Streaming Channel on FOTV here.
As always please practice safe flying practices and get off your butt and go fly a drone.

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