Drone racing technology

Drone Racing technology behind the sport

Drone Racing technology behind the sport

Wired has put together a short YouTube video highlighting some of the technology behind the sport of drone racing.

From carbon fiber frames and Go Pro cameras it is lights, cameras, action, in drone racing

The DRL or Drone Racing League which is vying for supremacy in the newly forming sport of drone racing
shared some behind the scenes looks at the technology that goes into making their racing drones.
In the DRL all the racing drones are built in house by the Drone Racing League to the same specifications.
These specifications can differ from race to race. This helps in leveling the competitive race landscape and offers greater control for the DRL. These DRL racing drones have a top speed of around 80 mph and have a flight time of about 6 minutes. They also can hold a front mounted GO PRO camera. Check out the video below for more in depth information on the design concepts of the DRL racing drone.

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