2018 Drone Racing League Event Venues

2018 Drone Racing League Event Venues

2018 Drone Racing League Event Venues

The venue bidding process for the Drone Racing League’s 2018 drone racing season opened in early spring of 2017 and was supposed to close on June first 2017.
The DRL drone racing season is scheduled to start in November 2017 and complete in May 2018. DRL is looking for 7 venues with four or five races to be held in the United States and the others held at international venues completing the 2018 season.

2018 Drone Racing League Venue Requirments Details

Here are some of the details and requirments DRL was looking for.

The deadline for 2018 Drone Racing League Event Venues submittals was June 1 2017.

Time of year: Races will be held between November 2017 and May 2018; the season will broadcast in Summer 2018.

Venue requirements: Indoor space of 150,000 square feet minimum; must include areas with minimum 30-foot clearance; flat, outdoor space to stage a 60’x25′ TV broadcast truck

Estimated crew: 150; 12 professional pilots

Estimated number of spectators: Races are not open to public, but are post-produced and broadcast in more than 30 countries

Hotel requirements: Close proximity to major airport and competition venue

Room nights: 300

Rate: $99 per night, plus tax

Rights fee: Negotiable

For more information,on 2018 Drone Racing League Event Venues email Reed Raskin, venues manager, at [email protected].

2018 Race Venues Unknown

As of the writing of this article the DRL have not announced any of the 2018 drone racing season venues. So it is a topic that is ripe for speculation.
Have any thought on where you would like to see the DRL put on a event?
Let us know in the comments and we will forward it on the the DRL.

The 2017 DRL Season

The 2017 Drone Racing League season started off with the Miami Lights event
and finished with the 2017 Drone Racing League Allianz World Championship in London at the iconic Alexandra Palace. This is where Jordan aka ‘Jet’ Temkin took the crown for the second year in a row.

Jordan Jet Temkin 2017 DRL Champion
Jordan Jet Temkin 2017 DRL Champion

Looking forward to find out if the DRL will be returning to some favorites tracks from the 2017 campaign and which new locals will be included in the 2018 drone racing championship chase.

DRL 2017 Drone Racing Season Trailer

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